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Our drilling services

With an international presence, we are the reference when it comes to drilling services perfectly adapted to your needs.

From residential drilling, to municipalities and institutions, to mines, FTE Drilling has what you need.

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  • Drilling of drinking water supply wells
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    With over 100 years of expertise in drilling water supply wells, FTE Drilling has established itself as a reliable specialist in Quebec and Nova Scotia. We stand out for our turnkey services.

  • Geothermal
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    From initial drilling to water treatment, FTE Drilling is there for its clients. Geothermal energy, an advantaged solution for heating and cooling your home. FTE Drilling can meet your geothermal needs with its team of experts.

  • Mineral exploration drilling
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    FTE Drilling has positioned itself as an international expert in mineral exploration drilling. Thanks to our teams of mechanics specialized in heavy machinery, our drilling equipment is maintained according to our quality standards to allow our drilling teams to carry out their operations in an efficient and safe manner.

    Specialized in surface drilling, FTE Drilling stands out with its fleet of more than 75 mining exploration drills worldwide.

  • Sonic drilling
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    An innovative and very powerful sampling technique, sonic drilling succeeds where other drilling methods fail. FTE Drilling uses this most powerful technique to produce high quality, precision samples in all types of soil.

  • Cost-effective foundation and shoring projects
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    With its specialized equipment and knowledge of geology and deep foundation techniques, FTE Drilling can carry out cost-effective foundation and shoring projects anywhere in Canada.

Our divisions

It is in Canada that we have the largest number of subsidiaries as well as the head office of our company. Established in Quebec and the Maritimes, Forage FTE, F. Lapointe et Fils and Brewster Well Drilling stand out for their increased visibility in eastern Canada.

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