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Construction Drilling

Forage de construction
  • Casing
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    Technique used when digging deep foundations on humid or flooded ground. E.g.: bridge pier foundations in the middle of a watercourse.

  • Micropiles
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    Deep foundation component with a central reinforcing bar or tube, less than 30 cm in diameter. Used to enable soil to withstand the loads due to the mass of a structure by anchoring it at a depth incompatible with superficial foundations. This technique can also be used to reinforce existing foundations.

  • Berlin walls
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    Vertical walls or retaining walls built with piles and woodwork to contain granular materials in a reduced area.

  • Micropiles with hollow bar
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    A deep foundation component with a hollow bar reinforcement that allows drilling fluid and grout to circulate through its center.

  • Rock anchoring
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    This method involves the installation of rock anchors, which are long, threaded rods or bars that are inserted into drilled holes in the rock and anchored in place to improve its stability and prevent potential collapses or instability.

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