About Us

About us

With a long tradition of excellence, FTE Drilling specializes in various types of drilling in Canada, Africa and South America.

Thanks to the unique expertise of its specialists and its large fleet of equipment, our company is recognized throughout the world for its high-quality work. Whatever the size of your project, FTE Drilling guarantees an unparalleled speed of response in a safe and environmentally friendly work environment.

FTE Drilling is the reference for drilling in the mining, commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Our motto is customer satisfaction and the achievement of high-performance standards. We put our expertise at your service to achieve your objectives within the established deadlines.

forage miniers au Burkina Faso
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Forage FTE - Experts en forage
  • 1923
    + -

    François Lapointe performs his first drilling in the Eastern Townships with a wooden drill pulled by horses. This is the beginning of the company F. Lapointe et fils.

    l'histoire de forage fte


  • 1936-1972
    + -

    François (son) and Conrad drilled more than 5000 holes together in the Eastern Townships.

    forage fte en 1936


  • 1972
    + -

    Conrad’s sons, André and Gilles Lapointe, continue to bring new knowledge and expertise to the company F. Lapointe et fils.

    F. Lapointe et fils.


  • 1978
    + -

    Creation of Les Pompes Lapointe et Frères, a company offering an integrated solution to the client, from the extraction of water to its consumption.

    Forage fte en 1978


  • 1987
    + -

    Foundation of the company specialized in commercial and industrial drilling; Forage Technic-Eau inc.

  • 1992
    + -

    Grouping under a single banner of the companies Les Pompes Lapointe et Frères and F. Lapointe et fils.

    Forage Technic-Eau inc. Expands its operations in Africa and South America.

    l'histoire de forage fte

  • 1997
    + -

    Foundation of the subsidiary in Togo and beginning of the drilling of drinking water wells to supply the residents of Togo and the surrounding countries (Benin, Guinea and Burkina Faso).

  • 1999
    + -

    Acquisition of Brewster Well Drilling and expansion of operations in Nova Scotia.

    Foundation of the subsidiary in Ghana for drinking water drilling operations.

    Start of mining drilling operations in West Africa

    forage fte en 1999

  • 2002
    + -

    Start of drilling operations and installation of geothermal systems in Canada.

    forage fte en 2002

  • 2005
    + -

    Opening of a subsidiary in Burkina Faso.

    Ouverture d’une filiale au Burkina Faso

  • 2006
    + -

    Beginning of exploration drilling for mineral deposits in Burkina Faso.

    forage miniers au Burkina Faso


  • 2008
    + -

    Incorporation of the different companies (F. Lapointe et fils and Brewster) under the name of Forage FTE Drilling.

    Acquisition of CF TECH.

    F. Lapointe et fils et Brewster sous le nom de Forage FTE Drilling

  • 2022
    + -

    Acquisition of the company Forage SMP in Val-d’Or.

    Forage SMP de Val-d’Or

  • 2023
    + -

    F. Lapointe et fils: 100 years to draw on for you. In 100 years, the company has never stopped growing and expanding its expertise: A passion passed down for 4 generations.

    F. Lapointe et fils : 100 ans à puiser pour vous

Our values

  • 01 Respect

    Closely tied to the success of the company, respect is at the heart of FTE Drilling. Being and feeling respected allows each individual to cultivate a sense of belonging and pride within the company. It is a living culture that is reflected in concrete actions, starting with the attitude of all employees towards health and safety. The employees of FTE Drilling are looking for a reciprocated respect towards and from the managers, which is lived through the communication with the employees and the constant search for a pleasant work atmosphere.

  • 02 Productivity

    Productivity in the world of drilling is a very important aspect that many customers are looking for. FTE Drilling has integrated it in order to render an unequalled work. Productivity is achieved by our specialized machines and our human capital.

  • 03 Integrity

    At Forage FTE Drilling, our employees must have integrity with their choices and actions. This means having honest, reliable and stable values. Integrity also refers to an ability to meet commitments, despite pressure. The integrity of our employees translates into integrity towards our customers and suppliers.

  • 04 Quality

    The employees of FTE Drilling represent the greatest asset of the company. In order to ensure quality work, we make constant efforts to offer a work environment that respects people and promotes professional development.

  • 05 Versatility

    The versatility of the service we can offer our clients is a reflection of the versatile employees in our teams. The diversity of the skills of each person as well as the efficiency allow us to develop versatile employees.


Our vision

To become an international leader, known as a robust and successful employer of choice and a player that excels in its field, with sustained and profitable growth in expanding markets.

Mission Statement

At FTE Drilling we are known for our quality work in many types of drilling, our speed of response and our safe and environmentally friendly work environments. We are committed to making the unique expertise of our specialists and our diversified fleet of equipment available to contribute to the profitability of our clients’ projects.

Our divisions

It is in Canada that we have the largest number of subsidiaries as well as the head office of our company. Established in Quebec and the Maritimes, Forage FTE, F. Lapointe et Fils and Brewster Well Drilling stand out for their increased visibility in eastern Canada.

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