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At FTE Drilling, we sincerely believe that the protection of the environment is essential to ensure the quality of life of current and future generations.

That is why we are committed to managing our environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner. We strive to ensure that all our activities and procedures are constantly evolving and up-to-date in order to continuously improve our environmental performance. In addition to meticulously respecting all applicable environmental laws and regulations, we aim to exceed the highest standards. This positions us as a true catalyst for change within our industry and with our partners. All of our activities converge towards a common goal: the prevention and minimization of environmental impacts on our workers, communities and the environments in which we operate. At FTE Drilling, we are convinced of the need to offer a performance that combines productivity, protection of our workers’ health and respect for the environment.

Préserver l’environnement : à la base de toutes nos actions


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  • Health and safety
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    At FTE Drilling, the health, safety and well-being of our employees is of utmost importance. The prevention of injuries, occupational diseases and mental health is at the heart of our concerns. This is why we are committed to making the protection of health and safety our top priority.

    Our goal is zero accidents! To reach our target, at FTE Drilling we rely on a strong corporate culture where everyone is aware of the role they have to play in health and safety. We rigorously ensure that all our workers, supervisors and managers have the knowledge and resources necessary to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

    We don’t just comply with all applicable health and safety laws and regulations. We continually innovate and improve our procedures and equipment in order to surpass the highest standards and norms in the industry.

    At FTE Drilling, we know how to put the world-class expertise we have acquired over many years of operating in the field to work for the safety of our workers. Our extensive know-how allows us to adapt and integrate our health and safety procedures to all situations.

  • Local Communities
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    We aim to make a valuable contribution to the communities in which we operate and to be responsible corporate citizens in the eyes of our employees, customers, shareholders and other external stakeholders.

  • Employee well-being

  • Diversity and Inclusion

Ensuring Responsible Governance

Ensuring Responsible Governance

As a responsible global corporate citizen, FTE drilling is committed to continuously improving its environment, strengthening the communities in which it operates, and adhering to the highest standards of governance. Forage FTE aspires to demonstrate leadership, proactivity, and forward-thinking in pursuit of sustainability and sustainable development.

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Assurer une gouvernance responsable

Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of FTE Drilling consists primarily of independent directors and regularly reviews its corporate governance practices to ensure the best representation of shareholders’ interests. Consequently, the Board of Directors has adopted commitments, as well as an ethical code and code of business conduct, to align with best practices.

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