forage fte drilling map


Since its creation, FTE Drilling has developed different subsidiaries across the world.

It is in Canada that we count the largest number of subsidiaries as well as our company’s head office. Established in Québec and in the Maritimes, FTE Drilling, F. Lapointe et FilsFTE Beauce-Appalaches and Brewster Well Drilling set themselves apart thanks to their prominent visibility in Eastern Canada.

Our company has also spread its activities in Western Africa with its subsidiaries: Forages Technic-Eau Togo SARL, Forages Technic-Eau Burkina SARL, Forages FTE Sénégal SUARL, Forage FTE Drilling Mali SARL and Forage FTE Drilling CI SARL.

Our presence in South America also puts at play our expertise in exploratory drilling thanks to our Techni-Eah Drilling inc. Suriname Branch and Forage FTE Guyane EURL. subsidiary.

Strong from its solid reputation, FTE Drilling follows its gradual market implementation in order to consolidate its position as an international leader in the drilling industry.

FTE Drilling is also associated with F. Lapointe Quebec and Its Regional Puisatier division. F. Lapointe Quebec Inc operates mainly in the Greater Quebec area from the north to south shore. The Regional Puisatier division operates mainly in Lac St-Jean and Saguenay.