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 Our services :

-Mining Drilling
-Geothermal Drilling
-Water supply
-Artesian wells
-Village/Urban Hydraulics
-Pumping tests
-Dewatering works
-Directional Drilling/Push Pipe
-Environmental Drilling

Welcome to ftedrilling.com !

FTE Drilling (Forages Technic-Eau Inc.) is one of the most specialized companies in the drilling industry. Offering different types of drilling more specifically in Quebec, Ontario (Maritime) and West Africa. Due to the unique expertise of its workforce and the performance of its specialized equipment, the company offers quality and unmatched speed of response within a safe working environment. FTE Drilling  offers exceptional service; successfully completing projects regardless of their size and complexity.

The company's goal is to combine the expertise gained in these various industries to provide innovative solutions and products of the highest quality in order to solve the needs of its customers.To obtain information about our drilling methods and discuss innovative drilling solutions that we could incorporate into your projects, please contact us. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and expectations.

 Services offered :

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